My Secondary School Experiance

I liked Science because we did these cool experiments.  I  also liked Maths because we had to do a marble run. How we made it was we got 3 big pieces of paper and sticky tape to stick them together. The one thing I really liked was moving around the classrooms. The teachers up in secondary school are very nice and they support you very well. The one thing I am worried about is the homework but the rest I think I will go well.

My secondary school recflection

Sam Choi: Mr Hazelton’s Science class was fun and exciting. We also did Pastoral Care, Peer Support, and Maths. I think secondary school is very different from primary school. One of the reasons I like change is because you get new things to learn with, and you make new friends.

*star* science

*star* maths

*wish* the building of our math project went better.


Sam: PDHPE was fun and it was my best subject ever. It is the best because I enjoyed the sport part of it and I enjoyed it when we talked about the negatives, the positives, and the neutrals about changes that are going to happen in the next few years.

*star* peer support

*star* PDHPE

*wish* I could have participated in the learning part of PDHPE better.

Sam : Today was great and Mr. Watt’s art class was fun.  Ms Sackey’s Sphero class was great and coding the Sphero was fun too. I have never gotten to do anything like what we did in Technology in primary school and that shows that you get more opportunities in secondary school than in primary school.


The Furious 4 day 2

The Furious 4 Day 2 
Art was a fun experience,we had to paint a haunted city landscape using the following:
Blue paint
Black paint
Green paint
And white paint
To start we got an A2 piece of paper and blotches of all the paints except black,six cm from the base of our page. Using  the strip of cardboard you pull the paint up the page to make buildings.Allow to dry.After we used the paintbrushes and black paint to add detail to the buildings.

Olsen day 2
It has changed because we do better ART because we used cardboard paint brushes and paint.

Snigda – day 2
In secondary I think there will be many different opportunities for us compared to primary.In secondary you have your normal subjects but then you have these different varieties of subjects you can do,you can only choose two though and they start in year 9,10,11,12. They are called electives.You can choose any of them but they can’t be on the same line ,as in they can’t be at the same time as another subject.some examples are : art,woodwork,cooking etc.

Scarlett day 2
In secondary I think there are many problems that we could face but I think that you will always be able to make it through the problem. I also think that all the teachers and students will support all of us and help us through the problems and hard times .

Day 2 Ethan
Today in art we used lots of paint. My understanding of art is that high school art is hard.

Science and Mathematics


Day 1

Me and my group “The Rockstars” kick of to a great start in the experience at being Secondary School. We had a great introduction by Ms Sackey explaining what we would be doing for the next couple of days.

After the lovely introduction by Miss Sackey, group 1 headed off to do science lab with Mr Hazelton. In the science lab we watched and learned about a base and acid chemicals.

After doing amazing science with Mr Hazelton we went to Pastoral Care with Mrs Healey. She explained about the importance of each one of us in the room and, what our opinion meant to her. After we went to Pastoral Care we went to peer support. And we played a game when someone would go up to one the year 11 students and got told to make a specific animal or subject to construct. Then who ever would guess it first would go up and do something new. Then we went to lunch.

After lunch we had maths with Mrs Huntly. And in maths we learned about how when you a marble in a tube and put it at different angles it goes at different speeds.

Then we constructed them and presented them to the class/group. After we presented them to the class Mrs Huntly drew up on the board what we had started to learn.
After the amazing maths we went to our classes in groups to write the blog. Then after the best day ever I went home pumped for tomorrow’s fun.

*loved science, maths and pastoral care!
*enjoyed the whole day and tried my best!
WISH: That I helped my group a bit more!




Science and Mathematics

Day 1

My group and I did Maths and Science today. We are called the Rockstars and we are the best! In science we did an experiment on bases and acids. We had to cover paper in yellow acids then put them into vinager and into bicarb soda and water. We had to watch it change colour then record it down onto a chart.