Our thoughts at the start of the week

I think that secondary work will be a great experience as we can learn the difficulties as well as the opportunity’s secondary has to offer. I think working and learning in secondary will not look like primary. l think secondary will push us to the best of our abilities.

I think that secondary is going to be hard for us to do but it’s good to learn new stuff like real live science, pastoral care and other stuff. I think bringing an iPad is good and bad because your iPad battery will go down.

I think that secondary will be fun because of all the subjects but hard because of the assignments and homework.

I think secondary is going to be fun and boring because of all the hard work you have to do at school and all the homework you have to do in secondary school/year 7 might be really hard. The best thing about high school is making new friends and meeting new students and teachers. So I think secondary school will be fun and exciting. My favourite subjects are Art, Science, Maths and Technology.

Things change in Science

In Science we experimented to see what would happen when we mixed turmeric and water and we dropped it on a piece of toilet paper. After that had dried, we tore/cut the toilet paper in half and dipped half in vinegar, and the other in a bicarbonate+water solution.
Vinegar-the paper turned out browny red.
Bicarb+water- the paper stayed the same yellowy colour it was before.
We did the second half of the experiment also on yellow test paper;
Vinegar-a blue-green colour.
Bicarb-a orange-red colour.
We found out that turmeric reacts differently to acids and bases.
Bicarb-base. Vinegar-acid.

The science classes in secondary school are very different to primary school. In high school you do very interesting experiments that you don’t do in primary.

This science lesson taught us that you may need many things to change.

Pastoral Care Advice

Pastoral care

In pastoral care we watched videos about secondary school to help us get ready for the changes ahead of us.  It was very helpful because the people in the videos told us that high school really isn’t that bad. They also said that homework is not stressful as long as you stay calm. They also said that you’ll easily make friends and not to worry. There will also be lots of opportunities and I’m very excited for secondary school.

Thomas’ reflection

I think that secondary is going to be hard for us to do, but it’s good to learn new stuff like real live Science, Pastoral Care and other stuff. I think bringing an iPad is good and bad because your iPad battery will go flat fast.

Boom Shaka Laka Maths


This is what we did in mathematics, we had to make a tunnel for a marble to go through. We tried to get the marble in the cup as fast as we could, then we made it higher and we found out that it goes faster. The last thing we did was put the tunnel to the side and we found out that it makes it go slower.Math in secondary is not that different then primary math.




What does learning look like in secondary school?

Secondary project.

What does learning look like in secondary school?

Nate…It looks like hard work and a lot of homework. It also means a lot of assignments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orlagh…Learning in secondary is hard work.  You get lots of hard homework and it can also just be hard in general. Sometimes learning in secondary is fun and sometimes boring. You also get lots of assignments.


Tillia…Learning in secondary can be hard and sometimes confusing. If it is hard then we need to ask for help.

Peer support

Peer Support Day 1:

In Peer Support we had to choose one person to start the game and Bronty would tell them an item to make out of playdoh. The person who guesses the thing correctly has to run to Bronty and say what they guessed and then they will get the next thing to make and so on and so forth. There are 4 teams – Year 5 girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls and Year 6 Boys. 

Peer support  Day 2

Today in Peer Support, we worked on teamwork and communication.  We played a game where we had to remember who we threw the ball to and when the ball got past the third person we added another ball and another  The game was really fun and it was a good choice to work on our communication and our teamwork.