Guiding Question

  1. The classes are different as we have different teacher and classrooms. The work is different in each class and we get homework in all the class and have to do it.
  2. Some new opportunities would be to get a fresh start with the teacher and the people in the classrooms and the playground
  3. I think the teacher would a little bit more supportive as they know that there is more homework and stuff going on and there is more teachers that will know and support you more.
  4. I think that my learning will be different because we have more opportunities to learn in all subjects and areas
  5. Change can be a good thing as you have fun and learn more.
  6. Some challenges you could face is assessments ,exam and lots of other things.

Guiding questions

What was secondary school like: secondary school is like same as primary except it is way harder then primary . Like exams a lot of homework and assignments.

How are my classes different to secondary school changed during the project:
We go to different classes for each subject like c9 PDHPE.

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school: I think they support me really well in high school.

In what situations can change to be in secondary school: I think in situation where you are in classes when you are not excited about you always have the following classes.

What challenges will I face in secondary school : I will face a lot of assignments and assignments are really hard and exams are super hard like impossible.

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project: I learned during this project that we go to different classes for different subjects instead of staying in the one class

I’m ready for Secondary School!


Before we did the secondary school project I was scared and worried that I will not fit in.  But now that I have done the secondary experience. I am ready to go into secondary.  The experience for me was really helpful.  My favourite subject that we did would have to be Technology because I love how we programmed robots to draw something.  I also loved the subject P.D.H.P.E because we learned about change and resilience and we also played games and did lots of other fun tasks.  This experience has changed the way I feel about going into secondary.  There are so many other subjects like Art, Technology, P.D.H.P.E, Art and many more in the future.

I hope to do all of this again when I am in secondary.

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project?

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project?

I think that my understanding of secondary school has changed because, I thought before I did this project that secondary school was a bit easier but it turns out that it is really hard. And Ms Jewels said that secondary school is going to be hard and that we have to hand in six different assignments at one time, and on top of that we have to have our homework in. But secondary school will also be really really fun as well. So I think my understanding of secondary school has changed a lot throughout this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my classes different in secondary compared to primary school?

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school?

How do my teachers support me in high school?

In what ways will my learning look different in secondary school?

What challenges might I face in secondary school? How can I and my teachers help me face these problems?

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project?e these challenges?

These videos will help if you have any questions on going into Secondary School successfully.

My answer to this is stay calm and keep focused. I had a Secondary Student tell me that by term three of being in Secondary it would all  become easy. So try your best and you will succeed going into Secondary School.


ART Thursday: Rainbow Turtles

In Art today we painted these erie paintings set in a old abandoned town. There are only three colours green, blue and black. We used cardboard and pushed up the page with paint and put windows and outlines and voila … done.