Day 3

Today we did Technology with Ms Sackey. The lesson was about controlling Spheros. We learned how to make them draw by coding them. Another thing we did today was Art with Mr Watts.  We made tall buildings with incredible details.  I accidentally put paint all over myself  and on the table but I managed to clean it up.

Next, we did Peer Support.  We were asking yr 11 about secondary school and we all had lots of questions. I feel quite good asking them about secondary because we got a really good idea of what will happen in secondary school.

*I had fun

*I like my art

#I never put paint on myself


Reflection amelie

Learning in secondary looks like it’s going to be a fun experience. Secondary school looks very fun and interesting, I am looking forward to it.

My first day in secondary went amazingly, my favourite subject was science with Mr Hazelton. We also did pastoral care, peer support and maths with Mrs Huntley, which was really fun. My understanding of secondary school is now much clearer, I know what type of lessons we will have and how we will go about them.
*star* science
*star* maths
*wish* i could have been more involved in my maths experience, but otherwise it was fun.

My second secondary experience day was fun and I really enjoyed peer support. I think that the activity we did related to secondary school in a way that was easy to grasp and was really fun.
*star*peer support
*wish* I could have done sport, which I couldn’t because of my knee injury.

Today was my favourite day in secondary. We did art and actually used paint. We also did technology with Ms Sackey – it was really cool. We were using Spheros which we never do in primary school, this shows that you get much more opportunities in high school.
*Wish* we could have done food technology. Continue reading “Reflection amelie”

Overall reflection

Secondary Project


The classes are very different than primary classes. Like science, in secondary you actually do the experiments. In Primary you don’t do the experiment you just watch the teachers do it. There are also classes that we don’t do that secondary do, such as Peer Support, Pastoral care and more.


A lot of new opportunities like more sport, agriculture, better science, different ways to do art and others. In secondary there are alot of new opportunities to look forward to.


In high school the teachers support you quite a lot I think, even if you’re shy, or scared to ask a teacher.  You can ask them and they will support you through whatever you’re going through.  The councellors are also good people to talk to, and that will help you alot – Trust Me.


The learning in secondary is really different to primary – you get really hard assignments and hard homework. The work in general is quite hard anyways. I know that because I have older sibling that are in high school and it looks like a lot of work. 

Day 3

Today in secondary school we did Technology and we controlled these little robot things called Spheroes.  We programmed them and drew shapes with them onto paper. In Visual Art, we made paintings of buildings and that was really good.  We also did Peer Support and we asked the high school students some questions.






Peer support Thursday: Rainbow Turtles

Today in Peer Support we asked year 11’s questions about secondary school. One of the most common asked questions were “is the homework hard in secondary school?” The answer is “from your point of view it is very difficult but once you get used to it it’s easier”.  They also said “don’t leave it to the last day to do your homework!”

My secondary school recflection

Sam Choi: Mr Hazelton’s Science class was fun and exciting. We also did Pastoral Care, Peer Support, and Maths. I think secondary school is very different from primary school. One of the reasons I like change is because you get new things to learn with, and you make new friends.

*star* science

*star* maths

*wish* the building of our math project went better.


Sam: PDHPE was fun and it was my best subject ever. It is the best because I enjoyed the sport part of it and I enjoyed it when we talked about the negatives, the positives, and the neutrals about changes that are going to happen in the next few years.

*star* peer support

*star* PDHPE

*wish* I could have participated in the learning part of PDHPE better.

Sam : Today was great and Mr. Watt’s art class was fun.  Ms Sackey’s Sphero class was great and coding the Sphero was fun too. I have never gotten to do anything like what we did in Technology in primary school and that shows that you get more opportunities in secondary school than in primary school.


The Awsome Foursomes week in Secondary School (peer support day 1)

Peer support

Before lunch we had Peer Support with the Year 11 students. We made shapes out of play dough and our team mates had to guess what they were. The year six girls tied with the year five boys. It was fun!   Only year seven and year eleven get to do Peer Support in secondary school, so it was different and new. This is a new opportunity because in Year 11 we could be a Peer Support Leader.

Day 1 , Day 2 & Day 3 Secondary School Experience

It was so fun, Mr Hazelton made science really fun, we made paper change colour. It was my favourite part of the day. We also had maths, pastoral care, and peer support. Secondary school is so much different to primary but way more fun. I like change and secondary school is a big change but that is good.
*star* science
*star* maths
*wish* I could have participated better in maths.

Day 2 PDHPE was the best subject we got fit and active and we got to talk a lot. Peer support was good to we got play a ball game.

Today was the best so far we got to draw with robots; it was amazing. Also in art we got to make cities with paint. Peer Support was also good. I got to learn a lot more about high school.

Over all reflection: High school is amazing. I’m so glad I got this experience to learn more and talk to high schoolers. I can’t wait until high school because Science, Maths and Tech. I hope one day I will get to do this with other kids when I’m in year 11. I loved secondary school I hade so much fun this week I can’t wait till I’m in secondary school.

Secondary School Experience – Day One

Day one of the Secondary School Experience was great! I really enjoyed the classes, my favourite part was Science with Mr Hazelton. We put turmeric and methylated spirits on toilet paper and saw what colour it turned in an acidic mix, and a based mix. We also did Peer Support, Maths, and Pastoral Care.

In pastoral care we where put  in to groups and we sat in a circle, we chose one person to get to shape or object from Bronte and they had to make it with play dough, their teammates had to guess what they where making, and the first group finished got to go out to out to recess first.

In  Maths we made a paper tunnel in our groups to carry a marble from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. We made the marble travel slower and faster, using only 2 pieces of cardboard, sticky tape, scissors, 2 cups and the marble.

In pastoral care we filled out worksheets asking us if we feel safe in the social media community, which social media sites we use and why.

The classes are much different in secondary school than in primary school in regards to classwork, you get more of an opinion during discussions, and  you have different classes in different classrooms, rather than in the one classroom.