My secondary school recflection

Sam Choi: Mr Hazelton’s Science class was fun and exciting. We also did Pastoral Care, Peer Support, and Maths. I think secondary school is very different from primary school. One of the reasons I like change is because you get new things to learn with, and you make new friends.

*star* science

*star* maths

*wish* the building of our math project went better.


Sam: PDHPE was fun and it was my best subject ever. It is the best because I enjoyed the sport part of it and I enjoyed it when we talked about the negatives, the positives, and the neutrals about changes that are going to happen in the next few years.

*star* peer support

*star* PDHPE

*wish* I could have participated in the learning part of PDHPE better.

Sam : Today was great and Mr. Watt’s art class was fun.  Ms Sackey’s Sphero class was great and coding the Sphero was fun too. I have never gotten to do anything like what we did in Technology in primary school and that shows that you get more opportunities in secondary school than in primary school.


Day 1 , Day 2 & Day 3 Secondary School Experience

It was so fun, Mr Hazelton made science really fun, we made paper change colour. It was my favourite part of the day. We also had maths, pastoral care, and peer support. Secondary school is so much different to primary but way more fun. I like change and secondary school is a big change but that is good.
*star* science
*star* maths
*wish* I could have participated better in maths.

Day 2 PDHPE was the best subject we got fit and active and we got to talk a lot. Peer support was good to we got play a ball game.

Today was the best so far we got to draw with robots; it was amazing. Also in art we got to make cities with paint. Peer Support was also good. I got to learn a lot more about high school.

Over all reflection: High school is amazing. I’m so glad I got this experience to learn more and talk to high schoolers. I can’t wait until high school because Science, Maths and Tech. I hope one day I will get to do this with other kids when I’m in year 11. I loved secondary school I hade so much fun this week I can’t wait till I’m in secondary school.

PDHPE and Sport

Today myself and my group go straight to PDHPE with Mrs Jewel in C9. In Mrs Jewels class we were talking about the biggest changes in our lives. We did lots of games and lots of talking. One of the games was that we wrote on balloons about things that are hard in life. After we did that we went down to the basketball court and played girls vs boys competition. In the end the girls won it was 2 to 4.
Then it was recess.

After recess we did sport, for sport we first did relay with Mr Palmer. We did racers and my group came second out of 4 groups. After relays with Mr Palmer we did high jump with Mrs Willis, I ended up clearing 1.1 metres. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we spent time on our blogs until home time.

Day 2 in high school

Today we did PDHPE and we talked about what is positive, negative and neutral about going into high school and at end we got to pop balloons












In PDHPE we did an activity that consisted of creating words with letters – change + resilience. Another one was we had to order pictures of children and adults in the right order from youngest to oldest. Then we did a venn diagram on what we were excited, worried or neutral about in the next few years. We also blew up one red balloon between three and wrote down what we thought the worst thing on the worried side was, then we blew up one yellow balloon each and wrote ways we could cope with that bad thing. The difference between secondary school PDHPE and primary is that in secondary school you talk about near future whereas in primary you focus on the hear and now and bullying. I thoroughly enjoyed PDHPE and would recommend it as a subject.