Pastrol Care!!!!

Pastrol Care with Mrs Healey

In pastoral care we learnt helpful tips about how to keep track of homework and assignments. We learnt to use a list, ticking things off as we go, working in an isolated space with no distraction and asking for help if we need it. In secondary school we will learn more and know more about the world and everything in it.

My Understanding Of Secondary School

My understanding of secondary school has gone from dreading it to wanting to go now. I asked a few secondary students some questions and that helped me to make my decision of wanting to go to secondary school now.

Classes are completely different in secondary school compared to primary school. You have to walk to classes, it is way harder and you have a different teacher for each subject.
New opportunities would be open to me. I would have more responsibility and freedom, I would be able to do things I couldn’t before and you can think about your future eg. getting your license, getting a job and pursuing what you like.

The way teachers would support you in secondary school would depend on what you need help with and if you knew the teacher really well. Teachers could support you by helping you, cheering you on and encouraging you to do more.

When you get to secondary your comfort zones change and so does your mind. You get smarter, taller and happier (depending on what mood your in). Change can be a good thing as well as a bad. Good, because you can make new friends and you get smarter. Bad, because you sometimes lose friends and might fall behind in assignments.