Secondary Experience Reflections

What Challenges might I face In secondary school? How can I and my teachers help me face these challenges?


The challenges I might face in secondary school are facing hard work, complex assessments and tired, cranky teachers and also the homework, if you are struggling with any work just go ahead, ask a teacher or counsellors and they will help you.

What does learning look like in secondary school?

Secondary project.

What does learning look like in secondary school?

Nate…It looks like hard work and a lot of homework. It also means a lot of assignments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orlagh…Learning in secondary is hard work.  You get lots of hard homework and it can also just be hard in general. Sometimes learning in secondary is fun and sometimes boring. You also get lots of assignments.


Tillia…Learning in secondary can be hard and sometimes confusing. If it is hard then we need to ask for help.

Peer support

Peer Support Day 1:

In Peer Support we had to choose one person to start the game and Bronty would tell them an item to make out of playdoh. The person who guesses the thing correctly has to run to Bronty and say what they guessed and then they will get the next thing to make and so on and so forth. There are 4 teams – Year 5 girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls and Year 6 Boys. 

Overall reflection

Secondary Project


The classes are very different than primary classes. Like science, in secondary you actually do the experiments. In Primary you don’t do the experiment you just watch the teachers do it. There are also classes that we don’t do that secondary do, such as Peer Support, Pastoral care and more.


A lot of new opportunities like more sport, agriculture, better science, different ways to do art and others. In secondary there are alot of new opportunities to look forward to.


In high school the teachers support you quite a lot I think, even if you’re shy, or scared to ask a teacher.  You can ask them and they will support you through whatever you’re going through.  The councellors are also good people to talk to, and that will help you alot – Trust Me.


The learning in secondary is really different to primary – you get really hard assignments and hard homework. The work in general is quite hard anyways. I know that because I have older sibling that are in high school and it looks like a lot of work. 

Science reflection

Science Reflection


In science we did this experiment where we had to make this liquid thing, we had to add 1 tsp of Tumeric, about 1 cup of methylated spirits, and then we mixed it and then let it settle down for a bit. After it settled down we had to only get the liquid not the Tumeric, so we had to get the dropper and only get the top bit of the liquid, and put it on one square of toilet paper, making sure not to get any Tumeric on it. We had to let it dry for a bit in the sun. After it was dry we had to tear it up into 4 about equal strips (were only using 2). After it had dried, we made another solution I think it was just vinegar, we used one strip and put it in, not soaking it and just putting it dropping over the side of the cup so it would stay on the cup and in the solution. We made another solution by adding two fingers width of water and then 2 tsp of bicarb soda and then mix it. After it was all mixed up, we put one strip in it, and did the same thing. We could see the colours had changed, one changed orange-brown and the other stayed yellow. We had also done it with test papers and the one in the bicarb soda and water turned green and the one in the vinegar turned red-pink.

Art reflection

Art Reflection


In art we had to make a landscape of city buildings, only using a few colours such as Green, Blue, White and Black and a few other tools. Mr. Watts put down the colours down at the bottom of the page, we were using A2 piece of paper. We had to use a piece of cardboard to stroke the paint up to create the all different sized buildings. We had to use the cardboard with these little faint-ish lines going up. After we had done the main bit of the buildings done we had to with a paint brush we used black paint and out lined the buildings, added windows and other details like trees or bridges. When we were using the cardboard we had to be carful about getting big blobs, if you did you just had to scrap it up with the cardboard and chuck it in the bin. Art was very fun and very different than our usual art, it was a lot more fun and I hope we can do that sort of  art in the future.