The Awesome Foursomes week in Secondary School (The Big Question)

The Big Question
The Big Question was: How can I successfully make the change to Secondary School? We can all make a successful change to Secondary School if we try our hardest in all subjects, keep up with the class and be nice to one another. During the week in Secondary School, the Awesome Foursome learned that change can be a good thing, the teachers are always happy to help, there are lots of classes and that Secondary School has more opportunities than Primary School.

The Awesome Foursomes week in Secondary School (day 2 Review)

Day 2 Review (By Sarah)
On Day 2 my two favourite things were PDHPE and Peer Support. I liked PDHPE because we got to play sports like hockey, Netball, Basketball and Soccer. We got to run around and work as a team. I also liked Peer Support because we got to throw tennis balls to people and try to catch them.

The Awsome Foursomes Week in Secondary School (technology)

In the morning we did Technology with Ms Sackey. We coded a Robot called a Sphero to draw shapes, and then a picture. We don’t have this subject in Primary School so it will be fun to do in Secondary School. This subject teaches us to code and use different types of technology.

The Awesomes Foursomes week in Secondary School (Day Two Peer Suport)

Peer Support
The second time we did Peer Support, we threw a tennis ball to someone and we had to remember them and continue the pattern. Then the Year Elevens threw in more balls and it got harder so we started to drop them. It was really fun and a challenge. In the end this subject told us that communication gets us further.

The Awsome Foursomes week in Secondary School (Pastoral Care)

Pastoral care

We did Pastoral Care with Mrs Healey. We talked about moving from Primary School to Secondary School and we watched two videos on how change can be a good thing. We also took a survey on how we feel about Secondary School and change. Then we took a survey on technology and social media and the ways we use it. She also told us that teachers are always happy to help us with anything when we need it in school. We don’t have this subject in primary so it was a new experience for everyone .

The Awsome Foursomes week in Secondary School (peer support day 1)

Peer support

Before lunch we had Peer Support with the Year 11 students. We made shapes out of play dough and our team mates had to guess what they were. The year six girls tied with the year five boys. It was fun!   Only year seven and year eleven get to do Peer Support in secondary school, so it was different and new. This is a new opportunity because in Year 11 we could be a Peer Support Leader.