Guiding questions

What was secondary school like: secondary school is like same as primary except it is way harder then primary . Like exams a lot of homework and assignments.

How are my classes different to secondary school changed during the project:
We go to different classes for each subject like c9 PDHPE.

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school: I think they support me really well in high school.

In what situations can change to be in secondary school: I think in situation where you are in classes when you are not excited about you always have the following classes.

What challenges will I face in secondary school : I will face a lot of assignments and assignments are really hard and exams are super hard like impossible.

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project: I learned during this project that we go to different classes for different subjects instead of staying in the one class

Day 3

Today we did Technology with Ms Sackey. The lesson was about controlling Spheros. We learned how to make them draw by coding them. Another thing we did today was Art with Mr Watts.  We made tall buildings with incredible details.  I accidentally put paint all over myself  and on the table but I managed to clean it up.

Next, we did Peer Support.  We were asking yr 11 about secondary school and we all had lots of questions. I feel quite good asking them about secondary because we got a really good idea of what will happen in secondary school.

*I had fun

*I like my art

#I never put paint on myself


My PDHPE description

Today at secondary experience we did PDHPE. What we did at PDHPE was what it would be like in high school positives and negatives . A positive is you make new friends at a different school. A negative is  you will have pimples if you are unlucky. We also learned what we will look like in the future. Last but not least we popped the balloons so we can get the anger out of us.