Frequently Asked Questions

How are my classes different in secondary compared to primary school?

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school?

How do my teachers support me in high school?

In what ways will my learning look different in secondary school?

What challenges might I face in secondary school? How can I and my teachers help me face these problems?

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project?e these challenges?

These videos will help if you have any questions on going into Secondary School successfully.

My answer to this is stay calm and keep focused. I had a Secondary Student tell me that by term three of being in Secondary it would all  become easy. So try your best and you will succeed going into Secondary School.


My Secondary School Experiance

I liked Science because we did these cool experiments.  I  also liked Maths because we had to do a marble run. How we made it was we got 3 big pieces of paper and sticky tape to stick them together. The one thing I really liked was moving around the classrooms. The teachers up in secondary school are very nice and they support you very well. The one thing I am worried about is the homework but the rest I think I will go well.

High School Sounds Like Fun!

I liked Maths the most because we had to make a marble run and we had to see how to make the marble go faster or slower.

In Pastoral Care we had to do two surveys and we watched two videos on how to successfully go into secondary school.  I thought it was rather boring.

In Science we did an experiment on colour change.  It was very interesting to learn how acidic and basic bases can change the colour of the test stripes.

We did technology which was the best class that we did because you got to program a robot to draw a picture.  The type of robot is a Sphero Ball. 

By Charlotte Roach

From Secondary School News with Keedi, Lara, Abby and Charli