The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School (Day 2 Review)


                               Day 2 Review 

My top two things about Day 2 were PDHPE and Peer Support. PDHPE was my  favourite subject for the day. In PDHPE we got to blow up balloons, write on them, pop them and do sport. While doing PDHPE The Awesome Foursome learnt that our teachers are always there to help and support us. I wish all teachers were like that.

In Peer Support we played a game that proved that communication and cooperation can get you the furthest. It was very interesting and enjoyable.






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The Awsome Foursomes Week in Secondary School (Art)


After Recess we had Art with Mr Watts. In Art  we had to paint a landscape picture, of a abandoned city. Once paint had been dolloped on the bottom of our pages we got small pieces of cardboard and pushed the paint up the page to form a skyscraper. The colours that we used were white, blue and green, because we were meant to make it look eerie.  Afterwards we used black paint to create windows, doors and odd things on our building, like bridges that connected our towers, and trees growing out of roofs. Even though moving to Secondary School is a scary thing, most of the subjects are much more exciting than Primary School subjects. This proves that change can be a good thing.








The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School (Day 1 Review)

                                   Day 1 Review

My two favorite lessons in Day 1 would have to be Science, and then Maths.


Science was a Star for me, as I love combining and testing the different substances together, and then examining the results. Learning Science in Secondary School is different to learning Science in Primary School, as there is no Science Lab in Primary School, so you can’t mix different chemicals together and use the various types of Scientific instruments. I wish Science was this exciting in Primary School.

Maths  was also great fun, as we all built marble runs. Even though we only created paper tunnels for our marbles to go through, while doing this we did: Geometry, Trigonometry,  Measurement, and calculous. We even got a free lollipop!!

The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School

Day 1

In the morning we had Science with Mr Hazelton, and we did experiments with, water, turmeric, toilet paper, methylated spirits, vinegar and bicarbonate soda. After mixing the chemicals together in separate plastic cups, they all created different results.We then dipped toilet paper and test paper into our mixtures and observed their change in colour. When dipped in the vinegar/bicarbonate soda the toilet paper turned orange. Once dipped in the tumeric and methylated spirits, the toilet paper  changed from white to light yellow.The bicarb solution made the testpaper change from yellow to green, while the potion containing vinegar made the test paper turn dark orange.This was one of my favorite lessons; as I enjoyed mixing, combining and testing  the different substances and what results they created. This was new and exciting, and I hope all secondary school science is like that lesson.