Reflection amelie

Learning in secondary looks like it’s going to be a fun experience. Secondary school looks very fun and interesting, I am looking forward to it.

My first day in secondary went amazingly, my favourite subject was science with Mr Hazelton. We also did pastoral care, peer support and maths with Mrs Huntley, which was really fun. My understanding of secondary school is now much clearer, I know what type of lessons we will have and how we will go about them.
*star* science
*star* maths
*wish* i could have been more involved in my maths experience, but otherwise it was fun.

My second secondary experience day was fun and I really enjoyed peer support. I think that the activity we did related to secondary school in a way that was easy to grasp and was really fun.
*star*peer support
*wish* I could have done sport, which I couldn’t because of my knee injury.

Today was my favourite day in secondary. We did art and actually used paint. We also did technology with Ms Sackey – it was really cool. We were using Spheros which we never do in primary school, this shows that you get much more opportunities in high school.
*Wish* we could have done food technology. Continue reading “Reflection amelie”

Overall reflection on secondary school

Our secondary experience has been wonderful.  We unanimously agreed that it was the best day of our year so far.  We think that some aspects of secondary school is very different to primary school.  Like in Art, we actually used paint (Mrs Willis 😇🤣😛). We thouroghly enjoyed Technology.  In fact, applause to Ms Sackey as it was our favourite subject followed closely by Science.  We loved all aspects of it. Although secondary is very different to primary school, things like different classes for different subjects, locks on the lockers and they do food tech. Overall, I can not wait for high school – my experience could have been even better if Mrs Willis was a high school teacher 👏🏼😀😀😜