The furious 4 – day 3


The Furious 4 – Day 3. 
Essential question:
How can I successfully make the change to Secondary school?

We are all prepared for secondary school and we know that it will not be an easy change but we know that we can get support from teachers and peers. We know what we are expected to do in secondary school. We can make a timetable to make it easier for homework and assignments.

Day 3 – Ethan

Today we did Technology and we played with Spheros and I programmed it to draw something. PDHPE we learnt about change and resilience than we played a game where you had to change a lot and popped heaps of balloons. In peer support we asked people from Secondary School questions.

Olsen day 3
We did PDHPE and TECHNOLOGY and it was super fun. In PDHPE we got do rotate between soccer, baseball, hockey and netball.
In technology we used Spheros and we trying to make shapes and use pens to draw
them. It was different in Technology because we hadn’t used Spheros before and we got to do programming and it was fun. In PDHPE we did lots of things we talked about high school and we don’t do that in primary. We did a heap of sports and we rotated around different sports and we don’t do that in primary we did soccer, hockey, basketball and netball.

Snigda – day 3
Day 3 we had PDHPE. We learnt about change and resilience, positive and negative. We all went crazy when it came to balloon popping. We then went outside and did a game where the sport would change between basketball, netball, hockey and soccer and the number of people. After recess we had Technology. We programmed Spheros to draw shapes on a giant piece of paper. My team programmed the Sphero to draw a square in many different colours. It turned out as a creative abstract art made from squares.It looked amazing.

Scarlett-Day 3
Day 3 of our secondary experience we had Technology. We programmed Spheros to make them draw a picture. My group programmed the Sphero to draw a picture. We make it draw the picture by putting a cup over the Sphero and attached the pen to make it draw. We also had PDHPE. In PDHPE we talked about change and how we all change. We also played a range of games and sports. These included netball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

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