The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School (Day 2 Review)


                               Day 2 Review 

My top two things about Day 2 were PDHPE and Peer Support. PDHPE was my  favourite subject for the day. In PDHPE we got to blow up balloons, write on them, pop them and do sport. While doing PDHPE The Awesome Foursome learnt that our teachers are always there to help and support us. I wish all teachers were like that.

In Peer Support we played a game that proved that communication and cooperation can get you the furthest. It was very interesting and enjoyable.






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  1. I think that is a really good thing to remember about the teachers, although some teachers might not seem that they like you but they will always believed in you😘😗😙😚😇🦄

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