Day 2 Secondary Experience

Day 2:

Today is the second day of our secondary experience. Things were still very different to normal and the classes are still so much fun. Today we focused on getting better at all subjects and trying more things. We did things like PDHPE and Peer Support.


PDHPE was a interesting and exciting lesson. We talk about all the things that are going change through life not just in school but outside of school as well. During the lesson we did some fun activities, some of which were puzzles and we had to organise them into order from when you were a baby to when you are a grandparent. We also had to fill out a sheet and answer by writing down the negative, positives and averages of growing up. We think in secondary school we might face some hard changes in our lives like assignment and friend issues but we think that if we talk to a teacher, friend or relative this might become not so much of a problem and we could find solutions like getting a tutor or talking to your friend about what’s going on. We think this subject helped us to understand more about what is going to change in our lives as we get older. During this lesson we also played a multi sport game that included netball, basketball, soccer, hockey and holler hooping this game was a series of changes from sport to sport.

Peer Support 2:

Peer Support was very exciting and interesting as we played a game that involved a lot of communication the aim of the game was to throw the ball to anyone you like but as you throw the ball you must remember who you threw it to at the end of the game there ended up being 6 balls in the circle. We think that the communication part was calling there name as you throw the ball to tell then that a ball is coming towards then so they must catch it. I think the game was a perfect game to teach for communication and that they should use it again.


My first star is for PDHPE because we got to do multiple sports. My second star is for sport because I got to run around. My wish is that we could do more secondary subjects.


My first star is for sport. My second star is for PDHPE and my wish is that there would be more subjects.


My first star for day 2 has got to go to PDHPE – it was a really great subject and taught me a lot about change. My second star is for Peer Support because I got to know people I didn’t really know better and it taught me to communicate better. My wish is to do the secondary experience again.


My first star is for PDH because it is my favourite lesson and you get to do different sports and lots more. My second star is Project work because it is my best subject you get to write something on docs. My wish is to do more sports.

Reflection 2:

We think the days are getting better and better as they come. Most of the subjects are really different and exciting and all of the kids in Stage 3 are finding it as a wonderful experience. We think that as group if we encourage and bribe people to do their work we could successfully change secondary school in a good way. We also think that by playing fair, being respectful to staff and classmates and including others we could change the whole perspective of secondary school.

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