Day 1 Secondary Experience

Day 1:

Today our group spent the day in secondary. We did lots of work we wouldn’t usually do in primary, we spent the day doing Maths, Science, Pastoral Care and Peer Support.

Science was a very different experience as we don’t usually do science experiments. We learnt that everyday ingredients and objects are ACIDIC substances and BASIC substances. For our experiment we added Turmeric and methylated spirits then we put the mix on a piece of toilet paper which turned it yellow.We then cut the toilet paper into two strips.In the second cup we added bicarbonate soda and water.We put the first strip of paper into the second cup and watched it turn a different colour then we put the second strip of paper in to the vinegar cup and watched as it turned different colours. We think this experiment was fascinating and exciting as it was exciting when the toilet paper turned a different colour.

Maths was a great experience it was different because things were harder and and we used much more mathematical words. We did a interesting marble run and used paper to form into a tube for the marble to run down then we used cups for the marble to start in and finish in. We learnt that if things are on slopes they go faster and if they are flat or straight they go slower. In the whole experience we found out that we used geometry, trigonometry, measurement, change of rate/calculus and linear relationships in the marble run. We think that this was the best maths experiment ever and can’t wait until we get to secondary.

Pastoral Care:
In Pastoral Care we did a series of placing ourselves on a better and worse scale of going to high school. Pastoral Care is a very calm and safe place as it teaches us to never doubt ourselves and if so to go speak to someone like a counsellor, relative, teacher or friend. In our lesson we filled out a worksheet that asked us about our social life on technology. We then watched a short video of some different mindsets from kids who are starting secondary. This helped us to be more confident about our feelings.

Peer Support 1:
Peer support is a great way to get to know some of the people in secondary such as the year 11’s. In peer support we did a game to help our communication. The aim of the game was to run up to Bronte (one of the year 11’s) who had a list of objects and animals she would then tell us one thing at a time on the list and we would have to make it out of playdoh. The person who guesses what it is first has the next go of forming the playdoh. We think this game was a excellent way of communication.

My first star goes to the Science experiment. My second star goes to Peer Support and my wish is for more Technology.

My first star is Maths. My second star is Science. And I wish we could do more Science.

My first star has got to go to Science it was so fun mixing all the substance like turmeric, methylated spirits, bicarbonate soda and other substances together. My second star goes to Pastoral Care because it was so calm and safe and it taught us a lot of different things we could do about being scared of going to secondary. My wish is that our subjects would go for longer.

My first star goes to Science because it’s great to be a scientist. My second star goes to Maths because you get to make a marble run. I wish that during secondary I could learn more things and get better at all subjects.

Reflection 1:
We as a group we think that the day was great and taught us a lot. We think that when we get to secondary school we will already have a feel of what it will look like and that it will always have a positive and negative side about it. That is why we think that by listening and respecting each other we could set an example to other secondary kids and sooner or later make a successful change to secondary school.

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