Boom Shaka Lacka Technology review


In Technology we used these robots called “Spheros”. Since some of the high school students used them ours was called Jami. We had to get this app called “Sphero edu”,what we had to do with the app was put all this directions for Jami/Sphero to go to. The first thing we had to do with Jami was make him go into a square which he did pretty well with. After that we had to make him draw a picture. To make him draw a picture all we had to do was stick a marker or other drawing utensils to the cup then put the cup over Jami/Sphero and you make some other directions for him to go. Ours managed to draw the number 4, and we were so proud of him but then he kept drawing and we decided to call it “Jami’s Abstract Art”. When it was time to stop doing Technology we had to put the Sphero away. We all got emotional because we missed the robots already, but I’m sure in the future we could use the robots again.

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