Boom Shacka Lacka Pastoral Care Review

Pastoral Care

In Pastoral Care, we filled out surveys about how we’re feeling about going into high school either next year or the year after. The survey’s were about social media and what do you think will happen on your first day of high school.

1.How are our classes different in secondary compared to primary school?

Andi: Well we don’t do Pastoral Care in Primary but I think in secondary school for Pastoral Care we get to make new friendships and get to do more teamwork and it would teach us more about teamwork more then we learned in Primary.

Jess: I think  that they are different because in secondary you have like ten teacher a day and in primary you have one.

Jemma: Secondary school students have more then one teacher but primary school students only have one teacher.

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school?

Andi: I can have the opportunity to to be more independent, and I can take care of myself.

Jess: In high school we could learn how to make chemical reactions with methylated spirits and carbon dioxide.

Jemma: You get to choose your electives so you could choose Japanese and you get to go to Japan and you also can get a chance to be on a netball WAS team and other sports.



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