The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School

Day 1

In the morning we had Science with Mr Hazelton, and we did experiments with, water, turmeric, toilet paper, methylated spirits, vinegar and bicarbonate soda. After mixing the chemicals together in separate plastic cups, they all created different results.We then dipped toilet paper and test paper into our mixtures and observed their change in colour. When dipped in the vinegar/bicarbonate soda the toilet paper turned orange. Once dipped in the tumeric and methylated spirits, the toilet paper  changed from white to light yellow.The bicarb solution made the testpaper change from yellow to green, while the potion containing vinegar made the test paper turn dark orange.This was one of my favorite lessons; as I enjoyed mixing, combining and testing  the different substances and what results they created. This was new and exciting, and I hope all secondary school science is like that lesson.



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