In science we experimented to see what would happen when we mixed turmeric and water and dropped it on a piece of toilet paper. After that had dried, we tore/cut the toilet paper in half and dipped half in vinegar, and the other in a bicarbonate+water solution.
Vinegar-the paper turned out browny red.
Bicarb+water- the paper stayed the same yellowy colour it was before.
We did the second half of the experiment also on yellow test paper;
Vinegar-a blue-green colour.
Bicarb-a orange-red colour.
We found out that turmeric reacts differently to acids and bases.
Bicarb-base. Vinegar-acid. The science classes in secondary school are very different to primary school. In secondary school you do very interesting experiments that you don’t do in primary. This science lesson taught us that you may need many things to change.

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