Science reflection

Science Reflection


In science we did this experiment where we had to make this liquid thing, we had to add 1 tsp of Tumeric, about 1 cup of methylated spirits, and then we mixed it and then let it settle down for a bit. After it settled down we had to only get the liquid not the Tumeric, so we had to get the dropper and only get the top bit of the liquid, and put it on one square of toilet paper, making sure not to get any Tumeric on it. We had to let it dry for a bit in the sun. After it was dry we had to tear it up into 4 about equal strips (were only using 2). After it had dried, we made another solution I think it was just vinegar, we used one strip and put it in, not soaking it and just putting it dropping over the side of the cup so it would stay on the cup and in the solution. We made another solution by adding two fingers width of water and then 2 tsp of bicarb soda and then mix it. After it was all mixed up, we put one strip in it, and did the same thing. We could see the colours had changed, one changed orange-brown and the other stayed yellow. We had also done it with test papers and the one in the bicarb soda and water turned green and the one in the vinegar turned red-pink.

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