Overall reflection

Secondary Project


The classes are very different than primary classes. Like science, in secondary you actually do the experiments. In Primary you don’t do the experiment you just watch the teachers do it. There are also classes that we don’t do that secondary do, such as Peer Support, Pastoral care and more.


A lot of new opportunities like more sport, agriculture, better science, different ways to do art and others. In secondary there are alot of new opportunities to look forward to.


In high school the teachers support you quite a lot I think, even if you’re shy, or scared to ask a teacher.  You can ask them and they will support you through whatever you’re going through.  The councellors are also good people to talk to, and that will help you alot – Trust Me.


The learning in secondary is really different to primary – you get really hard assignments and hard homework. The work in general is quite hard anyways. I know that because I have older sibling that are in high school and it looks like a lot of work. 

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