Secondary School Experience – Day One

Day one of the Secondary School Experience was great! I really enjoyed the classes, my favourite part was Science with Mr Hazelton. We put turmeric and methylated spirits on toilet paper and saw what colour it turned in an acidic mix, and a based mix. We also did Peer Support, Maths, and Pastoral Care.

In pastoral care we where put  in to groups and we sat in a circle, we chose one person to get to shape or object from Bronte and they had to make it with play dough, their teammates had to guess what they where making, and the first group finished got to go out to out to recess first.

In  Maths we made a paper tunnel in our groups to carry a marble from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. We made the marble travel slower and faster, using only 2 pieces of cardboard, sticky tape, scissors, 2 cups and the marble.

In pastoral care we filled out worksheets asking us if we feel safe in the social media community, which social media sites we use and why.

The classes are much different in secondary school than in primary school in regards to classwork, you get more of an opinion during discussions, and  you have different classes in different classrooms, rather than in the one classroom.


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