Furious Four- day 1


Olsen 1. Day 1

Day 1 Science was different because we used special stuff that we haven’t done before.
It was different because we used cool jars and wire.:) Secondary school was fun it was good that we could experience what it is like.

Day 1 Scarlett

Day 1 of our secondary school experience was awesome.  We did lot of fun subjects such as Science, Math , and Pastoral Care . My favorite subject was Math because we got to build a structure out of paper, tape, 2 cups and a marble . The construction was meant to be a structure to get the marble in to the cup. I think there are many classes and opportunities in secondary school.  The class are different because you are not in the same room like primary school.  You have to move around to all the different classrooms for different subjects.

Day 1 Snigda

Our first day of the experiencing secondary school was interesting and fun. The classes we took part in were different but in a way still similar.The teachers who supported us in Math, Science and Pastoral Care were very helpful and kind. In Math, half the stuff I learnt I didn’t know one bit about.  Science made me curious about what we would do in Year 10,11 Science.  We worked with tumeric. My favourite subject I did today was math.  The teacher, Mrs Huntley, was entertaining and supportive. My understanding of secondary so far is that it is not as bad as I thought it would be.  It seems exciting…..apart from homework.  Pastoral care was a bit boring (sorry to those who love it).  In PC we did a few surveys and watched a few videos of worries of high school. 🙂

Day 1 Ethan

Science is different in high school because we get to use chemicals. Maths is great because we were doing maths when we didn’t even know we were.

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