Art reflection

Art Reflection


In art we had to make a landscape of city buildings, only using a few colours such as Green, Blue, White and Black and a few other tools. Mr. Watts put down the colours down at the bottom of the page, we were using A2 piece of paper. We had to use a piece of cardboard to stroke the paint up to create the all different sized buildings. We had to use the cardboard with these little faint-ish lines going up. After we had done the main bit of the buildings done we had to with a paint brush we used black paint and out lined the buildings, added windows and other details like trees or bridges. When we were using the cardboard we had to be carful about getting big blobs, if you did you just had to scrap it up with the cardboard and chuck it in the bin. Art was very fun and very different than our usual art, it was a lot more fun and I hope we can do that sort of  art in the future.


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