Secondary Experience Reflections

What Challenges might I face In secondary school? How can I and my teachers help me face these challenges?


The challenges I might face in secondary school are facing hard work, complex assessments and tired, cranky teachers and also the homework, if you are struggling with any work just go ahead, ask a teacher or counsellors and they will help you.

The Awsome Foursomes’ Week in Secondary School (Day 2 Review)


                               Day 2 Review 

My top two things about Day 2 were PDHPE and Peer Support. PDHPE was my  favourite subject for the day. In PDHPE we got to blow up balloons, write on them, pop them and do sport. While doing PDHPE The Awesome Foursome learnt that our teachers are always there to help and support us. I wish all teachers were like that.

In Peer Support we played a game that proved that communication and cooperation can get you the furthest. It was very interesting and enjoyable.






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The Awesome Foursomes week in Secondary School (The Big Question)

The Big Question
The Big Question was: How can I successfully make the change to Secondary School? We can all make a successful change to Secondary School if we try our hardest in all subjects, keep up with the class and be nice to one another. During the week in Secondary School, the Awesome Foursome learned that change can be a good thing, the teachers are always happy to help, there are lots of classes and that Secondary School has more opportunities than Primary School.

Guiding Question

  1. The classes are different as we have different teacher and classrooms. The work is different in each class and we get homework in all the class and have to do it.
  2. Some new opportunities would be to get a fresh start with the teacher and the people in the classrooms and the playground
  3. I think the teacher would a little bit more supportive as they know that there is more homework and stuff going on and there is more teachers that will know and support you more.
  4. I think that my learning will be different because we have more opportunities to learn in all subjects and areas
  5. Change can be a good thing as you have fun and learn more.
  6. Some challenges you could face is assessments ,exam and lots of other things.

Guiding questions

What was secondary school like: secondary school is like same as primary except it is way harder then primary . Like exams a lot of homework and assignments.

How are my classes different to secondary school changed during the project:
We go to different classes for each subject like c9 PDHPE.

What new opportunities could be available to me in high school: I think they support me really well in high school.

In what situations can change to be in secondary school: I think in situation where you are in classes when you are not excited about you always have the following classes.

What challenges will I face in secondary school : I will face a lot of assignments and assignments are really hard and exams are super hard like impossible.

How has my understanding of secondary school changed during this project: I learned during this project that we go to different classes for different subjects instead of staying in the one class

Manvirs thoughts about secondary

day 3 Secondary Experience

Day 3:

It is the third day of secondary experience and we have improved on a lot of subjects even the ones we have never done before. Today was the last day of the experience but by far the best. We did Art, Technology and Peer Support.


Art was a lesson full of positive and happy minds as we learnt that when something doesn’t look right you alway have a way to fix what you have made. In art we painted a spooky, abandoned and crooked town which had featured blue, green, white and black buildings. We made this artwork with some simple instructions. First we put blue, green and white paint on the large piece paper we then got some cardboard and whipped it up the page. The second step was to wipe another set of cardboard along the bottom of the paper with some black paint. Finally we added features that made the artwork look more realistic. We think this was one of the key feature of the experience.


Technology was a fantastic lesson. We did a lot of different things that made us feel much more grown up. In technology we programmed a Sphero to draw lots of different diagrams. On a Sphero app we programmed the Sphero to turn different angles, go at the right speed needed and and roll for the time wanted this task took a lot of time to perfect but at the end we all got a good result. We as a group think this was one of the best tasks set and can’t wait until we get to do Technology in Secondary.

Peer support 3:

Today was the last Peer Support this week which meant it was the last time to ask about starting Secondary. This time in peer support we did a few thing we wouldn’t usually do. The year 11’s set a new task. We had to write down 3 question to ask the year 11’s, some of which about starting secondary or basic secondary questions. At the end of the interview we wrote down the answers to our questions. All of our questions got answered and we had a great time with the year 11’s. We think it help us realize that secondary is not that bad as we think it is as there are so many exciting and new opportunities in secondary.


My first star about secondary is Technology. My second star is Art and the abandoned buildings we painted. My wish is that Technology would go for longer.


My first star about secondary is Technology. My second star is Art and my wish is that we could of done Food Tech.


My first star about secondary is definitely Technology because it gives you a better understanding of devices and thing that use electricity. My second star has to be Art because it taught us that you can alway fix a artwork even if it looks impossible. My wish is to improve and get better in art.


My first star about secondary is Technology because is my personal favourite and you get to use the Sphero and the app to use it. My second star has to go to Art – it my favourite because you get to paint abandonment towers, bridges and different types of roofs.
# I wish I had a Sphero.

Reflection 3:

We as a group we have had a awesome time although we wish it went a little longer than a week. The classes were a great experience and we all learnt something new we all felt a little older as we went from class to class, did different subjects and played with Spheros. We think that to make a successful change to secondary school we need all the students to show there capabilities to there work, uniform and language. We also think that secondary should be aiming to the best of there abilities at all times.